Mandatory parcel tracking – key to seamless delivery execution

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While the Universal Postal Union (#UPU) has developed and is currently reviewing its #global #specification for exchanging information about #key events in the movement of an item from #posting/collection through to final #delivery, the harmonised exchange of status information from private delivery #operators is lacking. The #tracking and #tracing of non-designated items is currently disparate and complex, with the #quality of data provided by operators varying widely. This has led to the rise of #commercial scraping sites, offering #services which bring all events together but not always providing clearer insight into the whereabouts of an item.

#Digital service level-related event #reporting at #parcel item level has reached a new level of implementation. #Electronic reporting on events along the #supplychain became mandatory globally within the UPU postal #network in early 2021 (UPU Global Postal Model). Item level tracking information is associated with the related, mandatory #data elements for #customs and #import#transport #security and #productsafety purposes.

The following digital service level-related events are state-of-the-art:

First leg – at origin:
o   EMA Posting/Collection
o   EMB Arrival at outward office of exchange
o   EXA Item presented to export Customs/Security
o   EXB Item held by export Customs/Security
o   EXC Item returned from export Customs/Security

Second leg – transit / transport:
o   EXD Item held at outward office of exchange
o   EXX Export cancellation
o   EMC Departure from outward office of exchange
o   EMJ Arrival at transit office of exchange
o   EMK Departure from transit office of exchange

Third leg – at destination:
o   EMD Arrival at inward office of exchange
o   EDA Held at inward office of exchange
o   EDB Item presented to import Customs
o   EME Item held by import Customs
o   EDC Item returned from import Customs
o   EMF Departure from inward office of exchange
o   EDD Item into sorting centre
o   EDE Item out of sorting centre
o   EMG Arrival at delivery office
o   EDF Item held at delivery depot
o   EDG Item out for physical delivery
o   EDH Item arrival at collection point for pick-up (by recipient)
o   EDX Import terminated
o   EMH Attempted/Unsuccessful (physical) delivery
o   EMI Final delivery

#Harmonisation of Track & Trace events is a new #standardisation deliverable within the European Committee for Standardization (#CEN). It promotes interoperability between national networks and supports an #efficient universal postal service in Europe.

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