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as I do to learn about companies who are contributing to a circular economy!

I’ve seen the greatest efforts to contribute to this economy from the beauty industry. I send back my shampoo/conditioner/lotion bottles to Plaine Products and get refills for my refillable makeup containers from Kjaer Weis.

I’m happy to see it in logistics, too, with one of our customers, LivingPackets. With LivingPackets‘ THE BOX, smart packaging that is designed to decrease our impact on the environment, consumers can eliminate up to 90% of cardboard box waste and power 1,000s of deliveries!

Integrated sensors in THE BOX measure temperature, humidity, and shocks. All data can be accessed via the built-in internet connection through Twilio Super SIM to offer a convenient experience for the consumer and decrease costs for both e-commerce companies and customers.

Living Packets

See how #TwilioIoT helps make it happen:

Digital Postal Services

Digital Postal Services

“Digital postal services”, as defined by the Universal Postal Union (#UPU) and its 192 Member Countries, are services delivered by posts to their end customers (individuals, #businesses, or governments) through #digitalchannels. The Internet is the primary...

Manufactum collaboration with OceanSafe.

Manufactum’s collaboration with OceanSafe OceanSafe Certified products are hitting the market! Happy to announce the launch of our first range of boutique bedlinen together with OceanSafe licensee Manufactum Gruppe. The bedlinen range is available online...