Sustainable Consumption Pledge – state of play

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Sustainable Consumption Pledge – state of play

As foreseen in the New Consumer Agenda adopted in November 2020, the Commission invites companies to take voluntary pledges to actions in support of sustainable consumption, beyond what is required by law.
It complements legislative initiatives (aiming at empowering consumers in the green transition, substantiating green claims and promoting more sustainable/circular products) by shedding light on front-running companies who lead the way to sustainable consumption in their respective sectors.
The pilot for the Pledge (“Green Consumption Pledge”) was launched in January 2021, and it called upon businesses to undertake concrete, public and verifiable commitments to reduce their overall organisation or product carbon footprint, and to redouble their efforts towards raising the awareness of consumers about the impact of their consumption choices.
11 companies joined the Pledge in 2021: global companies based in the EU (LEGO, L’Oréal, ENGIE, H&M, Philips), EU companies (Décathlon, Erste Group, Ceconomy, Colruyt) and SMEs (Renewd: Dutch refurbisher of IT equipment; and Dancer bus: Lithuanian producer of electric buses).
After this pilot, and in consultation with EU Consumer (BEUC and EuroConsumers) and Business (Business Europe and EuroCommerce) representatives, we are considering to keep the focus of the Pledge on reduction of carbon footprint, while widening it to other aspects of sustainable consumption (hence the change of name to “Sustainable Consumption Pledge”), by asking companies to also commit to at least one additional aspect of sustainable consumption, to:
 identify and reduce their environmental footprint,
 demonstrate an increase in the circularity of their activity, and/or
 demonstrate respect of social sustainability aspects.

During the Consumer Summit on 10 February, Commissioner Reynders plans to announce the new application guidelines to the Pledge. From then on, companies active in the EU would be able to apply to join the Pledge, and we encourage CPAG Members in contact with EU companies to consider advertising the Sustainable Consumption Pledge to their Members.
All non-food manufacturing and service providing companies (including retailers) of all sizes would be eligible to join the Sustainable Consumption Pledge. They would need to be either based in the EU or be able to demonstrate significant activity in the EU.
Companies active exclusively in the food sector are encouraged to apply to join the complementary initiative launched by DGs SANTE and GROW: the Code of Conduct on responsible food business and marketing practices.
For further clarifications, please feel free to contact Anne Seekings:

You can download the One-pager „Sustainable Consumption Pledge“ here (PDF)

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