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The Samos Group is a leading provider of professional culinary and event services in Ibiza. Since the late 1970’s our customers know us for our passion for food, quality and service. We have stayed true to our values whilst we have grown and adapted to the increasingly international dynamics of the market.

The group today boasts Samos Deli, an artesan bakery that is favourite amongst locals and visitors alike; Two fine dining restaurants Pura Vida and Samovar that our guests keep coming back to; The Ibiza Catering company, known as the one stop shop for all professional catering needs; Vinum Ibiza that provides the perfect companion to gourmet meals through hand picked selection of exquisite wines. All of the above is carefully put together for you by our professional event management companies Six Communication that specialices in PR and corporate events and Ma Chérie, the wedding planning agency that makes dream weddings happen on this beautiful white island. Please see more how we can support you and your business on the individual company pages.We at The Samos Group are a leading provider of professional culinary and event services on the island of Ibiza. Since the late 1970’s we have been known to our clientele, not only for our immense passion for food, but also our dedication to quality and service.

Throughout the years, we have experienced an immense growth. New associated were hired, new products and services were created and we have expanded into new business segments. However, the core did not change and we managed to stay true to our values and passions.

Being a family business at heart, we have always adapted to the increasingly international dynamics of the market.

Today we boats seven companies that cater to all the needs one might have whilst living on or visiting the white isle. With our agencies we are professionalized in the creation of high quality events on the most exquisite spots of the island and beyond. What makes us so special is that all companies closely work together as a team, to create the perfect experience, whatever the occasion.

Moreover, our fine dining establishments and artesian bakery truly portray the family spirit. All three establishments are located on unique sites, combining high quality food with a magical view.



About Alexandra Sanwald Steeb

Alexandra was born and raised in Ibiza in 1978. In 1992 she moved to the Upper Bavarian community of Marquartstein in the Traunstein district.
She graduated in hotel management in Bad Überkingen with the Maritim Hotel Group in 2000.
Afterwards she worked alternately in the summer months in the family business and in the winter months for the Hospiz Hotel Group in Arlberg.

Other stations:

2005 in Graz for the company Karl an der Oper.
From 2006 expansion of the family business.
2007 Opening Pura Vida Beach Restaurant.
2015 Opening Vinumibiza


Über Alexandra Sanwald Steeb

Alexandra ist 1978 auf Ibiza geboren und aufgewachsen. 1992 zog Sie in die oberbayerische Gemeinde Marquartstein im Landkreis Traunstein.
Ihren Abschluss im Hotelmanagement machte Sie in Bad Überkingen mit der Maritim Hotelgruppe im Jahr 2000.
Anschliessend arbeitete Sie im Wechsel in den Sommermonaten im Familienunternehmen und in den Wintermonaten für die Hospiz Hotelgruppe am Arlberg.

Weitere Stationen:

2005 in Graz für das Unternehmen Karl an der Oper
Ab 2006 Ausbau des Familienunternehmens
2007 Eröffnung Pura Vida Beach Restaurant
2015 Eröffnung Vinumibiza

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Alexandra Sanwald Steeb

Alexandra Sanwald Steeb

Samos Deli I Bakery, catering & Events
Tel: +34 971 33 26 82 I Mobil: +34 679 46 38 23

Samos Deli

Samos Deli is an Ibiza based artesan bakery that specialises in quality bread, pastry and cakes made from carefully selected natural ingredients.
The Village

The Village

The Village

A place for Friends. We’re not just a bar. We are home to the Local Community.

Vinum Ibiza

Vinum Ibiza is the bold new wine distributor with substance to match the ambition of bringing the culinary experience in Ibiza to the next level.
The Ibiza Catering company

The Ibiza Catering company

The Ibiza Catering company

The Ibiza Catering company is the preferred partner for those looking for a professional caterer on the island.
Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza

Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza

Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza

Ma Chérie Weddings Ibiza plans and delivers authentic, luxurious and bohemian weddings across the stunning island of Ibiza.
SIX Communiction

SIX Communiction

Six Communication

Six Communication is our full service Event Planning, Marketing, PR and Business Development agency.

Samos Deli

Pura Vida is a modern Ibiza beach restaurant on the islands east coast at Playa Niu Blau.