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KF’s unique consultancy approach
KF distinguishes itself clearly from its competitors, either traditional management consulting firms or accounting firms, by balancing conceptual capabilities with outstanding people and implementation skills. That makes KF the ideal partner for critical transformation processes
KF treats the needs of our costumers individually because we are convinced that it needs more than a handful of prefabricated presentations and tools to find the best and long-lasting solutions for our clients. Our understanding of a transparent consulting process is reflected in our highly skilled and experienced experts, who are ready to solve each challenge individually and in partnership. We are convinced that our clients deserves a customized solution.
The typical global consulting firm deals with many parameters but not with the core of every company – the employees.

We at KF are convinced that new strategies and change processes can only be successfully developed and implemented if the role of employees is included in strategy development from the very beginning.

No global consulting firm combines its strategy development for clients with HR and corporate culture – only KF follows this path!

We place the people issue in the center of our strategic planning for our client, because we are convinced that any transformation process will fail if the employees do not support this process.

Download a short Korn Ferry presentation here (PDF)

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Sonja Guttmann

Sonja Guttmann

Executive Assistant to Ulrike Simon and Robert Frisinger

Mobile: +49 151 567 101 41
Email: Sonja Guttmann

Organization Strategy

Build end-to-end strategic solutions that align your structure, people and business processes and workflows.

Talent Acquisition

Attract and retain the right people at every level of your organization by leveraging our scientific research and practical experience.

Total Rewards

Create flexible, competitive total rewards strategies that attract, engage and motivate a diverse workforce.

Leadership & Professional Development

Unlock the potential of everyone in your organization, from executives to new hires, to thrive in today´s challenging business environment via targeted learning programs.

Assessment & Succession

Identify the talent you need compared to the talent you have and discover how to close the gaps.

Our rganizational consulting services target the most critical challenges facing global businesses
and spans the talent function from end-to-end.