Beam’s mission is to be a best-in-class logistics company builder. Based in Berlin, and backed by the Beumer Group, Beam aims to grow and fund three startups each year. We are a lean and focused operation aiming to do nothing less than build the logistics companies of the future. 

About Marc

Marc is a senior researcher at Beam. He leads market research to uncover industry problems in logistics for Beam to solve with software startups.

Prior to joining Beam in 2020, Marc was the co-founder of a B2B social media startup and founder of a proprietary content marketing service that delivered research and content projects for leading tech corporations, including Facebook and SAP. Previously, Marc was an analyst at industry leader IHS Markit in wind energy. Marc studied at various universities and holds an MBA from IE Business School, a Master from LSE in Political Science and a Master from the New School in New York, in Philosophy.

Beam – Berlin-based company builder looking for founders

Beam identifies non-obvious, large business opportunities that tackle tomorrow´s logistics challenges. We are looking for founders.

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Marc Mühlenbach


Senior Researcher

T: +43 660 162 3388

Unique business opportunities

Large expert and support network

B2B customer access to test MVPs

Founder get up to 80% equity.


Beam offers unique advantages for founders. Creating a company is the hardest thing in business, and people who haven’t done it, don’t really understand. We increase your odds of success based on what we have learned as founders ourselves.


All business is people business. People work best on trust. The more trust, the less communication necessary. So we do our best to build a lot of trust with you early on by being fair and transparent.


We identify non-obvious, market-changing business opportunities and collaborate with outstanding founders. We then launch startups jointly that address business problems at least 5X better than the status quo.


„Follow the money“, they say. So let’s understand why Beam was founded and how we measure performance and success.


Beam’s Mission ist es, ein erstklassiger Company-Builder im Bereich Logistik zu sein. Beam hat seinen Sitz in Berlin, und mit der Unterstützung der Beumer Group, ist es das Ziel von Beam, drei Startups pro Jahr zu gründen und zu finanzieren. Wir sind ein schlankes und fokussiertes Unternehmen, das nichts weniger als den Aufbau der Logistikunternehmen der Zukunft zum Ziel hat.

Beam ist Logsitic-Natives vor allem zum Austausch von Ideen beigetreten. Unsere Arbeit beruht auf einem soliden Verständnis von Problemen, Engpässen und veralteten Prozessen in der Logistik. Desto mehr wir durch kuratierte Netzwerke über diese erfahren, desto besser können wir die Logistik-Startups von morgen bauen.

Marc Mühlenbach

senior Researcher, BEAM GmbH